The Mixing Language of South Jakarta

The Mixing Language’of South Jakarta – Some time later, which is, basically, literally suddenly became popular and became ‘the language of South Jakarta children’ (South Jakarta).

The use of this mixed language is also identified with the geographical location of South Jakarta.

Actually these words are basic and ordinary vocabulary in English. But these words became popular because many were mixed with Indonesian.

Socio-cultural observers from the University of Indonesia Devie Rahmawati assess this phenomenon appears not without reason. According to Devie, mixing languages ​​is a symbol of hierarchy that shows social status, education, and honor.

Devie explained that in this global era, English which is an international language is an inevitable necessity. Everyone is required to be able to speak internationally so that they can relate and negotiate with anyone in the entire world.

In Indonesia, Devie said that English was applied by mixing it with mother tongue.

The Mixing Language

“In the context of the Indonesian language, what is most interesting is its manifestation in the form of mixed or dual mixed languages, Indonesian and English,” Devie said when speaking with, Wednesday (9/19).

The merger of these two languages, then attract attention because it is considered different from the Indonesian language that is good and right.

In line with Devie, vlogger and instagramer from America who is now an English teacher, Dennis revealed that actually mixing these two languages ​​is not unusual.

“It happens in many languages, like in America for example. I come from families of Cuban and American descent. So we at home often talk in Spanish and American.

But in Indonesia alone, maybe there aren’t many mixed families like that. But there’s nothing wrong with mixing the two languages. “

The man who is familiarly called Mr.D himself revealed that the trend of ‘child language South Jakarta’ is not a bad thing.

This is not a bad thing. This trend occurs usually among friends, or young people. But the concept remains the same as a Aplikasi Bandar Ceme mixed family in America, “he said.

Other research also found the ability of more than one language makes a person can make choices more rationally. Other studies also reveal mastering more than one language makes a person more sensitive to the environment.

Behind the positive side of practicing courage, the mixing of languages ​​in the language of South Jakarta’s children is admitted by Dennis more or less can cause a negative side, especially when viewed from the side of foreigners in Indonesia.

The bad side, this language mixing will indirectly make foreigners in Indonesia lazy to learn Indonesian.